Tiffany Grace Debut Album: Naked Singularity

About Tiffany Grace

Coming from a city better known for grunge, Tiffany Grace was born to break the mold and challenge the norm from the very beginning.  With wide-ranging music, fashion and artist styles, Seattle imparted Tiffany with an open mind that would lay the foundation of her artistic and personal style.

Growing up to the soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin and the edgy rasp of Janis Joplin was a great gift to this young artist. As she struggled to find her own sound she continued to write about her troubled past and frequently broken heart, always keeping in mind her influences and drawing great courage from their journeys.  Losing her father at the age of 16, she was forced to grow up fast and was supporting herself soon after.  Independence was no stranger to Tiffany. Living with a bipolar father and a struggling young mother, she and her siblings worked hard to help put food on the table.

Moving to Southern California at the age of 22, Tiffany quickly learned that “the land of opportunity” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She went through six producers who all wanted her to sound, “more like (she) looked.” Influences such as Prince, Madonna and Lauryn Hill inspired her to achieve more creative control. After several failed attempts to fit in to the producers mold, she decided to take the task on herself without any knowledge or education; which might have proved impossible to most. However, Tiffany’s unwavering faith in her abilities and a hunger for a personalized sound drove her to write, produce, and mix her first full length album.

Having made those accomplishments, Tiffany Grace felt compelled to take the reigns on all aspects of her career as an independent artist. This led her to starting her own label, Silhouette Records, which provided her with the leverage she needed in marketing. Prior to the release of Naked Singularity, her first full-length CD, she put together a talented group of artists to make the “Sleeping With The Enemy” music video. College radio station CSUSM leaked her first two singles exclusively, and she granted permission for one of her songs to be featured in an independent short film.

Marketing came natural to Tiffany, and Naked Singularity wasn’t the first attempt at it. After recording a demo of “Obscene” in 2009 as serendipity would have it she was played on Two Jacks in the Hole podcast. She was able to use this as a stepping-stone to get her demo featured in celebrity gift bags at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards as well as the 2009 Emmys.

Tiffany continues to find new and creative ways to market her music while she continues to write new material for future releases. Coming from a family that thrived on talent shows and prided themselves on creativity in order to survive, she has a unique blend of musical and business prowess.